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protection of graphics

In order to maintain the appearance of your graphics, esp offer a range of additional protection options to ensure your image continues to be represented as intended.


esp have the market leading capability of liquid laminating graphics up to 5m wide, by any length. This process not only provides increased protection, but also extends the UV stability of your image and makes it visibly smoother and cleaner in its appearance.

premium esp liquid laminated products include wallmarque seamless digitally printed wallcovering and our backlit skins.

In addition to our liquid lamination process, we offer film lamination. This fully complements our lamination services and is suited to semi rigid substrates such as our colourtrans product as well as papers and SAV’s.


With the ability to mix our technologies to complete the protection solution, esp also provide a screen over-varnish. This, normally high gloss varnish, gives an impressive lacquered finish and can provide external life options up to seven years.

anti graffiti

Regardless of your choice of image, there may be some who take exception. With this specialised anti graffiti film, in a satin finish, you are provided with increased protection for printed graphics.

ultimate protection

In certain circumstances, such as high traffic areas or in locations where the graphic may be in the path of potential damage, extreme protection may be required.

Clear acrylic or polycarbonate sheets can be installed over the image giving the ability to clean, protect and swap out if broken – quickly with minimal disruption.

In addition we can provide clear wall corner strips, which protect the original installation of the graphic including possible interference from peeling and damage to the wall itself.

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liquid laminate

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PVC corner strip

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clear acrylic

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film laminate

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