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Zünd 3XL-3000CV

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new custom modified cutter installed

The Zünd 3XL-3000CV has a bed size of 3.2 x 6 m and is designed to through- and kiss-cut as well as handle engraving and routing operations.

It cuts both roll-fed and rigid materials ranging from banners, vinyls and textiles through to hard and soft Foamex, DiBond, acrylics and styrenes.

environmental consideration

To comply with esp’s sustainability programme, Zünd were required to install a frequency converter. This enables electricity consumption from the machine’s very powerful 12.5 kW vacuum pump to be reduced to the minimum needed when cutting narrower substrates.

complete cutting options

With fully interchangeable tool inserts, the new Zünd will provide an accurate, clean and cost effective finish across the broad range of substrates, from routing to slitting.

Stephen Hood, Managing Director, investigated thoroughly at all the options on the market before deciding on the Zünd. “Size isn’t everything but, because one of our specialities lies in producing superwide-format displays and banners, we needed a cutting solution which could handle large jobs as well as the smaller more intricate applications,”

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3.2 x 6m

Image - Printer - Zünd 3XL-3000CV - esp technologies group

reduced waste

Image - Printer - Zünd 3XL-3000CV - esp technologies group


Image - Printer - Zünd 3XL-3000CV - esp technologies group