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case-study - taxi

Taxi banner

Following the re-launch of our website in June 2007, the esp brand angels received an enquiry from a new customer, Taxi Cosmetics, who were looking for a duratran of an image they had commissioned to represent their brand at the Future Beauty & Body Visions Exhibition in London.

esp quickly produced a colourtrans™ which is digitally printed onto a backlit film with a matt film seal applied.

When illuminated the intensity and vibrancy of its colour prompted an immediate telephone call from the graphics buyer of Superdrug demanding who had been responsible for producing the backlit graphic.

Received from Taxi Cosmetics

"Dear Graham,

In our three years in existence we have dealt with over 120 suppliers from print to packaging as we have built up the Taxi London brand from an idea on paper one night the day I was made redundant to now as we are preparing to launch into Superdrug.

We have dealt with many suppliers both in the UK and overseas and esp fall into the elite category of 'outstanding'.

Thanks for the way you processed our order then even personally delivered it to the client. Our contact at Superdrug's head office was so impressed she wanted to know who was responsible so I gladly told her all about esp. Hope you get lots more work, we shall certainly recommend you guys wherever possible.

Appreciate the teams' help there so thanks to you, Bryn and Liz plus your sales guy for a great job.

Pete Kelly"

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Taxi instore image